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Here are some links to help you out! The businesses featured on this page have our Sanville Stamp of Approval and have been helping us for years and we highly recommend their services to you.

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Jennifer Jarvis Law Office

Main St., Derby, VT


Bauer Gravel Farnham, attorneys
Nick Daley, Esq.

Sara Davies Coe, Esq.

Main St., Barton, VT



Border Appraisals, 802-895-3027

Gary Kuron Appraisals, 802-754-9362

Scott Marsh Appraisals, 802-766-4030

Record Appraisal Services, 802-684-1209

Morrill & Guyer Appraisals, 802-626-9357


Covered Bridge Home Inspections, 802-715-2010

C3 Property Inspections, 802-535-0258

Property Inspection Services, 802-673-2193

Better Home Inspections, 800-335-5544


Paul Cutting Construction, 802-754-2629

Tracy Degre Concrete Contractor, 802-766-5389

Vanasse Builders, 802-525-3878

Green & Son Concrete, 802-895-4843

Bernard White Builder, 802-525-4022

JB Carpentry, 802-673-7102


Blais Horizons, 802-334-6434

Lonnie Brow, 802-754-2377

George Rumery, 802-334-2286

Little River Survey Co., 802-253-8214

Kenneth Salzmann, 802-673-4906


All Systems Septic Design, 802-334-7151

Keith Johnson, 802-626-5909

Horizons Engineering, 802-334-6434


Angela Ross, 802-755-6343

Chad Hickey, 802-748-3919

Dan Keenan, 802-723-9990

Fred Peet, 802-860-4767

James Palmisano, 802-223-6439

Jay Abramson, 802-748-6200

Jennifer Jarvis, 802-766-4926

Jill Mathers, 802-467-1144

Adler & McCabe, 802-748-8161

John Monette, 802-334-5087

Robert Brazil, 802-424-1404

Davies Law, 802-525-3766

William Neylon, 802-748-1000

Clark Atwell, 802-424-1717

Carolyn Greaves, 802-748-5338

Nick Daley, 802-825-1744

Kristina Michelsen, 802-535-7468

Tiffany Young, 802-626-5200


Bourne's Energy, 800-326-8763

Fred's Energy, 866-521-5896

Blanchard Oil, 802-754-2389

Amerigas, 802-626-8595

Oil Supply, 802-744-2555

Butler Family, 802-525-1255

Wright's Plumbing & Heating, 802-334-6976

Irving Energy, 802-476-8999

Nadeau's Plumbing & Heating, 802-334-8288

Desjarlais Fuels, 802-744-2677


Juddy's Septic, 802-895-4445

Taplin's, 603-525-6663

B&B Septic, 802-748-9858


Gosselin Water Wells, 800-287-8818

H.A. Manosh, 800-544-7666


Rock Insurance Agency, 802-525-3734

Poulos Insurance, 877-750-6930

State Farm, 802-766-5154

Royer Camp Associated Insurance, 802-334-6727

Taylor-Moore Agency, 802-766-2294

Cass Insurance, 802-334-6944

Nationwide, 802-334-6454


J&S Electrical, 802-334-6818

Rusty's Electric, 802-673-0407

Gates Electric, 802-334-6486

Gene's Electric, 802-334-6634


Fred's Plumbing & Heating, 866-521-5896

Blanchard Oil, 802-754-2389

Wright's Plumbing & Heating, 802-334-6976

Nadeau's Plumbing & Heating, 802-334-8288

If you would like to be added to our list, or see a change that needs to be made, just let us know!

What is a 1031 Exchange and how can it benefit me?

In real estate, a 1031 exchange is a swap of one investment property for another that allows capital gains taxes to be deferred. Click the infographic below for more information on 1031 Exchanges.

1031 exchange rules
10 First Time Home Buyer Tips


Click here to learn about the dangers of asbestos and why its removal should be left to the pros.

asbestos mine vermont lowell

Speaking of asbestos, did you know the country's largest abandoned asbestos mine is right here in Vermont? Yikes! Don't plan a visit though. It's closed and the risks of Mesothelioma are very high. What is Mesothelioma and what does it have to do with asbestos?

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